Incognito is a cyber-society of hackers whose actions benefit the Wyrm. They can be tenuous allies to some of Pentex's subsidiaries.

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Incognito is the largest group of its kind, home to the world’s most skilled anonymous hackers. Like Sunburst and other computer-based organizations, Incognito has grown and thrived as humanity has grown more dependent on computers. Their power and maliciousness makes them prime targets for Wyrm corruption. Even those who think they are only trolling the deserving view others with condescension, developing fans among the hacker community and falling victim to the concomitant sense of celebrity pride.

Incognito hackers foster anarchy wherever possible, making them tenuous allies at best to Pentex — though Beast-of-War feasts on the results of their actions. They seek to tear down systems and cause chaos through the Internet, though their primary targets are usually individuals. Many of the viruses that infect computers, Sunburst's or otherwise, originate from the devious minds of Incognito members. Identity and data theft are just some of their methods for sowing this chaos, using the information they steal to victimize homeowners, sexual predators and teens seeking naughty videos alike. More and more people are online every day, many using the cheapest Internet provider they can find. A number of these ISPs trace back to Sunburst or other Pentex companies, and their built-in pop-ups and Spiral custom web browsers strain the eyes and the spirits of users.

Some of Incognito’s factions maintain a pretense of being revolutionaries striking at the heart of a world of fools and idiots. They wage campaigns of harassment and cyber-terror, often against companies whose actions serve the Wyrm. Yet the Incognito hackers are no heroes; their own pride and anger leaves them hopelessly mired in Wyrm-taint. Any good they do for the world is undone every time they crash the website of a struggling business or charity. Incognito’s unpredictability creates friction with the other heads of the Hydra.

Just as often as hackers bring down someone undeserving, they also target one another and have no qualms about attacking Pentex companies. In fact, their overinflated sense of pride often brings them into conflict with the heads of other subsidiaries, because the latter seek to put themselves above all others and Incognito hackers brook no rivals. Nothing gives Incognito more satisfaction than taking down the people who think they own the world.

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