An Incept is a special power available to an Angel.


In essence, Incepts are "root-access codes" of reality. An Angel equipped with an Incept can alter fundamental aspects of reality to further its mission, like altering its spiritual Rank, affecting its expenditure of Essence or enhancing their speed. Activating an Incept, however, ripples the fabric of creation in noticeable ways, leading to Aetheric Resonance flaring up. Other supernaturals might also feel the disturbance, but, except in the case that they were confronted with Angels before, will rarely estimate them correctly.

As Incepts demand some basic creativity to be used, some Unchained believe that they might be one of the flaws in the design of an Angel that allows it to reject their Creator. As the use of Incepts is lost during the Fall, Demons have to make do with Exploits.


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