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Garou glyph for Incarna.

Incarna is a term used by the Fera to describe a certain class of spirits; weaker than the Celestines, but still greater spirits by any measure.


An Incarna is a powerful spirit among the denizens of the Umbra, usually a servant to a Celestine servings as servants, warriors, and advisors to those cosmic forces. Nearly all of them derive their power from their patrons, but command various Jagglings and Gafflings to do their bidding. Most dwell in the realms of the Celestines, but a few have independent domains of their own. In contrast to a Celestine, an Incarna is able (but often not willing) to switch its purpose and gain Gnosis, and some Celestines are rumored to have once been Incarnae.

Incarnae have a defined purpose and sphere of influence, but they are powerful enough to exist on multiple levels of reality. Garou typically interact with one incarnate avatar, although elder Theurges tell tales of spiritual travelers who have communed with an Incarna in the remote realms of the Deep Umbra, marveling at its awesome and overwhelming spiritual might. The most famous Incarna are the Totem spirits that guide the tribes of the Garou Nation.