Inauhaten was an ancient mummy discovered by the Idran (who eventually became the Tal'Mahe'Ra), back in their early days.


The mummy known as Inauhaten was once an architect, but after his rebirth he began the study of death to learn more about himself and the afterlife.

It is said that it was Inauhaten who told the Idran of the Tal'Mahe'Ra about the nature of Enoch and the identities of Aralu when they first met him in Egypt. In exchange for the protection of his body while Inauhaten was waiting for resurrection, he reported back to them the things he saw in the Underworld, including knowledge of wraiths, Doomshades, Spectres and Deathlords. Most importantly, he spoke of a realm named Enoch, where beings called the Aralu lay entombed. He was accepted into the sect after he led them to the city in the Shadowlands and helped them capture Enoch.

Inauhaten is a high-ranking member of the True Black Hand and while not technically a member of the Council of Thirteen he sits on the council holding equal position with the Wazirs. It was Inauhaten who gave them the Guarded Rubrics – a distillation of necromantic praxis over the course of millennia.

With the destruction of Enoch and the following Maelstrom that ravaged great parts of the Underworld and shattered many Undying into spirit fragments, it seems unlikely that Inauhaten has survived.

Version DifferencesEdit

According to Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand, Inauhaten was most definitely an ancient mummy. However, the V20 publications were not so fast to reveal his true nature. As far as the Tal'Mahe'Ra know, he could as well be a demon, a fae, or even a mighty wraith. The truth is that the Hand does not know exactly what they are dealing with - except for the fact that he is an ancient and undying creature, a mighty sorcerer who freely slips between life and death.


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