Inanimae: The Secret Way is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Dreaming. It covers the history and mechanics of the Inanimae.


Even Stones May Dream

During the Age of Myth, everything in the world was born with the capacity to dream, therefore, everything possesses - or possessed - the potential to be alive. Although they world has changed since its beginning and may parts of it have forgotten how to dream, some fugitive elements still remember. These vessels of the Dreaming endure in the hidden corners and secret corners and secret enclaves of the world, remembering as best they can the lost days when every waterfall could talk and every tool was alive. They are the Inanimae, the last children of the Great Slow Empires that now sprawl across the Earth in mute, immobile ruins. Even to most of the changelings, they are a myth too fantastic to have survived.

Inanimae: The Secret Way features:

  • A complete history of the Inanimae, from their origins during the Age of Myth to the modern day
  • Complete rules for creating and playing Inanimae characters
  • Guidelines and suggestions for Storytellers who wish to include Inanimae in their chronicles


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Chapter One: The Lost DaysEdit

Chapter Two: Empires of the InanimaeEdit

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Chapter Four: Building Your FaceEdit

Chapter Five: Secrets of the StonesEdit

Chapter Six: Arts of the InanimaeEdit

Chapter Seven: Dance of Light and ShadowEdit

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