Impressive Visage is a Thaumaturgical ritual that exploits beauty and sexual magnetism to gain influence.

Apex predators navigate the choppy waters of Kindred politics with sly smiles that obfuscate their intentions. Rumor has it that this particular ritual was developed by a bitter plain-Jane Tremere tired of the local Toreador Harpy unduly influencing the prince's favor with his pretty smile. When this ritual is cast, the thaumaturge gains a heightened degree of sexual attractiveness; they become more desirable and command attention as if they were a top model. For this ritual to take effect the caster must wash their face with a point of virgin blood and place a sprig of dried mint in their shoe.


The caster gains two dice on all Appearance-related rolls for the duration of this ritual. This ritual lasts for a number of hours equal to the Successes scored on the activation roll. 


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