After the Sixth Great Maelstrom struck the Underworld, Osiris granted a new Spell of Life to his followers in order to purify the flaws that the old one suffered. This gift was also granted to his old followers, the Shemsu-Heru, who, in the aftermath, became Amenti.

However, 13 of the old Shemsu-Heru, under the command of Horus himself, committed ritualistic suicide, but emerged with complete memories of their lifetimes of service, now benefiting from the powers of the renewed Spell of Life. These incredible old and powerful mummies are revered by the Amenti as the Imkhu - the Revered Ones - as they have not only the experience of millennia, but directly follow the orders of Horus and guide the younger mummies in these dark times.

Horus and his Imkhu advisors returned to the Avenger's greatest temple in Edfu, between Isna and Aswan in Egypt. Although most of the original city of Djeba has fallen into rubble, the Temple of Horus still stands. The Avenger and his followers have taken control of the excavations of Egyptian mastabahs and Byzantine houses that lie hidden by the passing of ages. On occasion, a young mummy bearing fragments of her tem-akh's memories comes seeking the One-Eyed King. Each departs from the meeting profoundly changed. Amenti aren't the only ones who come in supplication.

Known or Suspected Imkhu[1] Edit

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