The imbued are monstrous creatures which result from various macabre experiments in Mad Science a la Frankenstein's Monster, or sick, twisted necromantic or other sorcery. Imbued are creatures of many parts, flesh golems typically stitched together from body parts, taken from several dead people and animated through truly deviant magic or debased, hubristic science. Created mostly to serve their warped masters, imbued are disturbingly ugly to look at, possess minds with a frightening naivete and exhibit terrifying levels of strength and stamina, absorbing immense amounts of punishment for their size. Imbued also, sadly, have a tendency to lose control and go berserk, making them as much a danger to themselves as to loved one and enemy alike.

While the imbued strongly resemble Prometheans, both being animated creatures built using human body parts, the imbued lack the Divine Fire of the Prometheans, and all the capabilities it brings. On the other hand, the imbued also lack Disquiet - in a darkly ironic twist, the world does not reject the imbued as it does the Prometheans, even though the imbued have no human seeming.

See also "Doll," "Gargoyle," "Golem," "Homunculus" and "Voodoo Zombie."

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