Ilse Reinegger was an influential Ventrue who ruled Upper Saxonia during her prime years, until she met Final Death by Amaranth at the fangs of her childe.


The important dates of her life and unlife are largely unknown, but it is known that she Embraced Gustav Breidenstein while she held Domain in Belitz. In 1244, Gustav and Ilse moved to Berlin after the apparent destruction of her own sire, and former ruler of those lands, the methuselah Erik Eigermann.

Soon it became apparent she was a more ingenious ruler than Erik ever was. She establishes an early version of the Masquerade long before Rafael de Corazon's rousing speech in the early nights of the Camarilla. However, some years later her rule was abreviated when Ilse was betrayed and diablerized by her childe Gustav, who became the iron ruler of Berlin.


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