Ignatius was a rogue Tremere and a member of the Southern Lords in Georgia, who found his end in the American Civil War. He now acts as a wraithly servant of the Council of Seven.


Ignatius had traveled to Georgia in the colonies to live a peaceful unlife. His great plantation housed several slaves for an easy supply of blood, while he was left to his studies. He became a friend to the traveling Malkavian Bedelia, who even lived with him for a winter.

When the Camarilla became suspect of the Southern Lords, they supported the North during the Civil War. Ignatius was driven from his plantation and had to seek asylum in Atlanta, which had become the princedom of Bedelia. His old friend took him in graciously, but Ignatius was furious at the betrayal of the Camarilla against him. Bedelia feared him and embraced the young soldier J. Benison Hodge to become her successor. Ignatius did not accept that and plotted against Hodge, but when Bedelia made her decision official, he turned against her. Calling in boons from the other Southern Lords, he weakened the defenses of the city enough for the North to take it captive. Justicar Baylor came to the city and offered Bedelia an amnesty if she helped them locate the rogue Tremere. Any trace of him vanished when the Unionists put the city to the torch.

After his Final Death, Ignatius became a wraith, fettered to a philter of blood within Vienna. The Tremere, upon seeing him, thought him a hostile spirit and imprisoned him. When he was released and it was revealed who he was, the Inner Council of Seven convened and allowed him to stay. Ignatius served faithfully for several decades, until he learned that the Giovanni ghoul Lorenzo Giovanni had come to Atlanta to loot his old artifacts, among them the Black Thorn Codex. He asked to be transferred to Atlanta to retake the artifacts for his Clan and was granted permission. In secret, he hoped to use this possibility to avenge himself on those he blamed for his death.


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