The Idran were one of the proto-euthanatic sects in ancient India, a faction of the Chakravanti that succumbed to Jhor during the Himalayan War.


Fascinated by necrosynthesis, they began to experiment with vampiric vitae and the energies of the Underworld. Supposedly, they got help from the mummy Inauhaten and various vampires native to that region. As the battles against the Akashics grew more intense, they used a fragmented version of the Spell of Life, combined with their own necrosynthetic magicks and Vitae to transform themselves into Liches, in order to further combat their enemies.

Abhorring what the Idran had become, other death-mages began to fight against them too, driving them off further into the Himalayas. Convinced that they could prove the karmic value of their necrosynthetic ways to their fellows, they began a new ritual that horribly backfired, destroyed their Avatars and turned them into the vampiric Nagaraja.

They fled into the Underworld to escape the wrath of their brethren and cast their lot with an ancient sect of vampires that worshipped the Antediluvians.

The teachings of the Idran influenced other thanatoic sects, namely the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy and Voormas. A twisted remnant survives in the ruins of Enoch, called the Itarajana.


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