Ichiko "Geisha" Iko is a member of Team Tomorrow-Asia/Pacific. Others have a deep desire to do everything she asks, it is only her sense of honor that keeps her from taking advantage of them.


Ichiko learned the ways of the geisha, honoring the wishes of her parents. She enjoyed her work, and was often hired to entertain private or corporate parties.

It was on one such occasion that a member of the Nakato gumi became intoxicated and divulged very compromising information about the Yakuza. The normally discreet Ichiko, was unable to keep silent about these highly illegal activities, so she went to the authorities. A few nights later, four men dragged her out of bed and apologetically told her she had to die for her indescretion. Ichiko in that life-and-death moment calmly explained to the men that she had done her duty and politely asked them to let her live. When they did what she asked after helping her to pack her things and tiding up her room she knew she had become a nova.

Ichiko contacted Project Utopia and left Japan. Her only wish was to become part of Team Tomorrow. It is impossible for anyone to say "no" to Ichiko. She has since become one of the most skilled diplomats on the planet.

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