Ice is a Totem of the Nunnehi.


The northernmost regions of the American continent, where Ice enjoys his greatest influence, are icebound for much of the year, while in the Rockies and the higher ranges of other North American mountains, Ice often makes himself at least a temporary home. The native tribes of the Far North have learned from Ice how to travel upon its surface, build shelters from large blocks of ice, and gather food by fishing through holes cut on frozen lakes and waterways. Ice represents the contradictory nature of life, since he can be solid enough to support great amounts of weight yet fragile enough in places to break underfoot. Ice reminds Nunnehi of the coming of Winter.

Traits & Taboo

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Ice grants his Nunnehi children Survival 2 (Arctic) and one additional point of Stamina.

Taboo (Ban)

Ice requires his allies to dwell in places where he is prevalent and to care for the people and creatures who make those lands their home.


Changeling: The Dreaming Nunnehi Totems

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