The Icarians, also remembered among some Sanctified as the Icarian Heresy, are a bloodline of the Ventrue Clan that have exclusive ties to the Lancea et Sanctum. Self-proclaimed heirs to the revered Archbishop Icarius, they strive to seize temporal power to better serve the Church of Longinus.


The Icarians trace themselves to legacy of Icarius, an archbishop anointed by the hand of the Monachus and later betrayed and diablerized by a Daeva, who was hunted down by Icarius' childer. The childer declared themselves heirs of their sire and, over the years, developed the theory that they were blessed by God with a divine right to rule the Damned. Icarian "divine heirs" strode throughout Mediterranean Europe from the fifteenth through the seventeenth centuries, displacing dozens of Princes and Archbishops and replacing them with Icarian rulers. Soon, however, other Covenants moved against them and the Lancea Sanctum declared them heretical. To save themselves from destruction, the Icarians relented, no longer proselytizing among the Damned of their alleged superiority, but also keeping every city they had already taken. Marked by the bloodline's failed attempt to win Avignon in 1724, Dynasts have reevaluated their philosophies and tactics.

Icarians truly believe they are meant to rule the Damned as pious and noble lords, with the blood of the Great Archishop as their license. In past nights, they saw themselves as holy political crusaders, restoring the thrones of Kindred domains to the Icarian Archbishops that God intended to govern them. To achieve this in an age of growing secularism, they seek to join the ranks of the Anointed, fill municipal roles in favor of the Sanctified and use their supernatural talents to benefit sitting Princes and Archbishops. They will prove that they are meant to rule. As the Dynasts see it, that sentence signifies the Icarian destiny of rulership, their commitment to scale the ladders of hierarchy and their acknowledgement that they must first support the current Princes of the Damned.


The Icarians suffer the Ventrue curse, with a special focus on derangements like paranoia, obsessive delusions and megalomania.

Additionally, every Icarian regains only half as much Willpower when a scene plays out according to his Virtues, since all their aims are directed at long-term goals of achieving power and securing their mandated rule. A full night's rest recovers no Willpower for an Icarian - instead of feeling recharged, he feels as though he's wasted time sleeping that could be spent fulfilling her great destiny.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Ventrue clan

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