Ian Carfax was a long-time Archon of Justicar Schrekt.

In the V20 timeline, he became Justicar himself.


Carfax was a long-time associate with Schrekt, being at his side in the 1970s when the Tremere antitribu Anathema Jie Han was destroyed and when Gangrel Archon Klaudia Lange was awarded with the Trophy. He also acted as a intermediary when his superior tried to insult the Gangrel by trying to make her Frenzy. He was also present with Schrekt in Berlin in the 1990s to investigate the case of the false Caine. Carfax was known to present himself more like a Ventrue than a Tremere, and that he had the secret ambition of becoming Justicar himself.

In 2011, Carfax has been granted his wish and was appointed to be the Tremere Justicar. He and his colleague Lucinde support a more formalized stance against the Anathema, but are not sure how to approach. Carfax believes that the nomination of Alastors should be struck into a new formal military division, expressly outlining how the Justicars can conscript the hunters and what their relationships are.


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