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Ian A. A. Watson is a Canadian RPG author, community manager and Trinity Continuum Content Lead for Onyx Path Publishing, and the creator of White Wolf Wiki.


Ian A. A. Watson has been actively involved with White Wolf since about 1999, when White Wolf started up their Wolf Pack program. Later, he was one of the first Storytellers chosen for the New Bremen moderated Java chat, and went on to ST or DM for nearly every other chat, including: Fangsfall, the Scarred Lands chat; Jade City, the Exalted chat; Rookhausen, the Ravenloft chat. He was the sole moderator on the Unmoderated d20 chat, and was, between 2004 and 2009, the only non-White Wolf employee who acted as a moderator on the White Wolf forums.

Ian claim to fame in his status as WW fan was his website, Wolfspoor, which between 2001 and 2006 acted a nexus for news and rumours regarding White Wolf. It was used as a vast repository for hundreds of White Wolf forum avatars and DigiChat icons. And, of course, he created this Wiki.

Ian currently works as the Community Manager for Onyx Path Publishing, and Content Lead on the new Trinity Continuum (the new edition of the Trinity Universe).

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