The Hypatians are a minor clan of Kindred alchemists.

History[edit | edit source]

The Blights claim they were created by an English alchemist known as Hypatia. Believing she could find a better way to live forever using vampiric methods rather than Pyros, she combined her blood with corpses prepared with Promethean techniques to develop an offshoot form of alchemy. When she wasn't satisfied with the results, she used a mixture of Pyros and (stolen) Vitae to transform herself into a vampire. It's unclear whether this result was intentional or an utter failure, a point of contention modern Hypatians seem to gloss over.

Hypatia soon met final death, having failed to notice the Disquiet she engendered in mortals. Her ghoul passed on her lab notes to other alchemists, but he ultimately met the same fate.

Clan Bane and Other Traits[edit | edit source]

Hypatians bear the Paranoiac Curse, spreading distrust and enmity among mortals. Humans these vampires fail to impress socially grow increasingly suspicious of Blights the more they interact with them, potentially to the point of violence.

In addition, Hypatians cannot Embrace. Instead, to make a childe, a Blight must brew a special alchemical potion with Blood Chymistry (see below), mixing Pyros from a Promethean or alchemist with Vitae (whether her own or that of another Kindred). Feeding this potion to a mortal will kill him and cause him to rise the next night as a vampire. Otherwise, the Embrace works as usual, with the normal Humanity cost.

Any human with the means and knowledge can self-Embrace as a Hypatian, treating the Vitae donor as her effective sire. This costs the new Hypatian a dot of her own Humanity.

Blood Chymistry[edit | edit source]

Hypatia's Childer practice a form of alchemy called Blood Chymistry. While more limited than the true alchemy of Prometheans, or the Coils of the Dragon, these techniques can expand and enhance a vampire's capabilities significantly, and command a high price. However, potions created with Blood Chymistry also inflict a limited version of the Hypatian clan bane on those who imbibe them.

References[edit | edit source]

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