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Hunter Book: Wayward covers the most seriously deviant Creed of Hunters, the Wayward.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The End Is Nigh
Monsters are everywhere, lurking in the shadows, masquerading as upstanding citizens, hiding in plain sight. They murder, abuse and opress humanity. They have to be stopped, at any price. A new force emerges among hunters, a new creed never seen before - or has it been among them from the start? These chosen are bent on obliterating the supernatural - and anyone who gets in their way. Are these wanton killers the world's messiahs... or its destroyers?
Stand or Fall
Hunter Book: Wayward is part of a Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Waywards are one of the two lost hunter creeds, a group of maniacs and psychopaths - even by monsters' standards. Learn what it takes to drive these hunters over the edge - or to make them the most prophetic among the chosen.

Prologue: The Prodigal

Fiction. Joshua Matthews, aka God45, tracks down Beth Greenberg, aka Veritas292, in order to show her the true purpose of a Hunter.


Chapter 1: Chaos Theory

The world of Hunter: The Reckoning from a Wayward perspective, and an explanation of their curse.

Chapter 2: Method to the Madness

The methods employed by Waywards in the hunt.

Chapter 3: Friendly Fire

How Waywards interact with other hunters.

Chapter 4: Aftermath

The goals and vision of the Wayward - and how they plan to achieve it.

Chapter 5: War Knows No Bounds

The Edges of the Wayward, as well as skills and rules for all kinds of nastiness like poisons, improvised weaponry and home-made explosives.

Chapter 6: The Dogs of War

Several new character templates and notes on some of the more prominent Waywards.

Background Information

Published under the Black Dog imprint not because of the violent content, but because of the participation in initiating that violence implicit in playing a Wayward "psychopath".

Memorable Quotes

"Exercise proper caution when handling dangerous tools or products, and pay attention to any and all warning labels. In short, don't be a jackass. Save the mayhem for the game, where all you stand to lose when things go wrong is a few of your character's health levels." - from the "Don't Try This Stuff at Home" box in chapter five.


The signature Wayward character.
A Redeemer tracked down and "converted" by Joshua


Creeds, Mercy, Vision, Zeal, Vampires, Conviction


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