Hunter Book: Visionary is a creed book for Hunter the Reckoning.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Prophets or Madmen
"Monsters might win battles, but we are going to win the war."
Visionaries: The thinkers, prophets and leaders of the imbued. Hunters struggle against the supernatural night after night, but to what end? Visionaries live in the now and look to the future, hoping to guide the imbued to a better world maybe one that only they can see. What makes these hunters so certain of their calling? Does it matter if their vision becomes reality?
They Have Seen the Light
Hunter Book: Visionary is part of a Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Learn Visionaries philosophies, motives and ultimate goals in searching for the answers to the questions on all hunters lips: Who created us, why were we chosen, can the supernatural be overcome or will we all die trying?


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Chapter 1: Who Are We?Edit

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Chapter 4: Inherit the EarthEdit

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Chapter 6: Prevailing WindsEdit

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