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A Hunter is an ordinary human who has dedicated themselves to fighting the supernatural and protecting humanity from the encroaching darkness. They are the focus of the game Hunter: The Vigil.

The vast majority of hunters work on a small scale, either solo or in small groups called cells. These hunters defend a small area, such as a town, city neighborhood, or sacred area from supernatural creatures. Alternatively, they may dedicate themselves to hunting down a particular type of creature, such as vampires, werewolves, mages, and so on.

Hunters who become especially good at what they do or gather enough allies and influence may be lucky enough to extend their reach through a compact, a network of hunters that work across a region or towards a common goal. The most exceptional (or perhaps unfortunate) hunters may be offered a place in a conspiracy, a global organization with great reach and influence.


The average hunter is completely and utterly mortal; hunters, unlike other character types that appear in the Chronicles of Darkness, have no inherent supernatural abilities; the only benefit a hunter often has is a bonus specialty, any hunter-specific Merits, and simple awareness of what they are fighting. Hunters, more than any other character type, must rely on wits, caution, and group unity to accomplish their goals.

The exception to the rule are hunters in a conspiracy. Those with at least one point of Status in a conspiracy are granted access to Endowments, a special set of equipment, disciplines, blessings, or other benefit associated with that group that temporarily allows a hunter power equal or similar to a creature of darkness. However, Endowments also impose strict penalties when used, causing everything from derangements to instant death should they turn on their wielder.

Role Within the World

Most hunter compacts and conspiracies seek to eradicate the creatures of darkness. Some are indiscriminate in which they destroy, while others are dedicated to one or two kinds, with vampires, mages, and demons receiving most of the attention. There are a rare few groups that recognize not all supernatural creatures or creature-types are inherently bad or evil, and will them offer opportunities for redemption or penance, or even form temporarily alliances to gain more information.

For all of their dedication, many groups of hunters remain remarkably uninformed about what they fight; many still follow the old myths and tales to operate. A few of the compacts and conspiracies have science in mind, hoping to explain the supernatural away with logic. Some groups simply don't care; they want the creatures of darkness dead as quickly as possible and will simply go in with guns blazing.