The Walking Dead is an enemy book for Hunter: The Reckoning.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Behold a Pale Horse...
Graves yawn wide. Spirits haunt the living. Corpses pursue perverse agendas from beyond the grave. The gates to the next world swing wide. Is it the end of the world? Not if hunters can help it. Theirs is the power to put the dead to rest — once and for all.
...and His Name That Sat on Him was Death
Hunter: The Walking Dead explores and explains the proliferation of ghosts and zombies in the lands of the living. These monsters are hunters' greatest enemies - they're everywhere and are clearly abominations against everything right and natural. And yet, why do hunters' emergence and the rise of spirits seem to coincide? What is the hidden connection between the imbued and the restless dead?

Prologue: Dead Men WalkingEdit

John O'Malley, aka Cop90, takes on what will be his last monster.


Chapter One: The Enemy WithinEdit

The monster Ichmail appears on and gives details on The Orphic Circle, with the hunters questioning how he got in.

Chapter Two: The Enemy of my EnemyEdit

The new user Carpenter169 appears on hunter-net to give more information on the walking dead. But Witness1 and Cabbie22 find out something shocking about their new guest.

Chapter Three: Stranger in a Dead LandEdit

Shaka74 goes to Haiti to study the restless dead there, and finds more than he bargined for.

Chapter Four: Speaking Ill of the DeadEdit

Carpenter returns to give the hunters information on Vampires, but can he be trusted?

Chapter Five: Descent into DeathEdit

Oracle171 goes to verify Ichmail's information on the Orphic Circle, and almost succumbs to the dangers there.

Chapter Six: Ties to the DeadEdit

Ichmail and Carpenter have an argument, as Carpenter's time on Earth runs out.

Chapter Seven: Rules & StorytellingEdit

New rules for portraying the Walking Dead.

Background InformationEdit

This book was part of the Year of Revelations.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You're the fucking janitor - or more appropriately his mop, bucket and broom!" - Carpenter169


Founder of Hunter-net and Visionary.
Cab Driver and Defender.
Founder of Vitalis and Innocent.
NSA agent.
Kuei-jin and former member of the Orphic Circle.
Hunter killed by ghosts.
Former Cop turned Avenger.
New Age Redeemer.
Former gangster turned Risen.
Innocent seemingly host to Something.
Aka Peleus, racist wayward.


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