Storyteller Creator and Contributors: Mark Rein•Hagen, Andrew Greenberg, Chris McDonough, Lisa Stevens, Josh Timbrook and Stewart Wieck.
Designers: Andrew Bates, Phil Brucato, Ken Cliffe, Greg Fountain, Ed Hall, Jess Heinig, Michael B. Lee, Richard Thomass, Mike Tinney and Stewart Wieck.
Authors: Bruce Baugh, E. Jonathan Bennett, Carl Bowen, Ken Cliffe, Greg Fountain, Geoffrey Grabowski, Jess Heinig, Ed Hall, Robert Scott Martin, Angel McCoy, Jim Moore, Wayne Peacock, Greg Stolze, Richard Stratton and Stewart Wieck.
Developer: Ken Cliffe, Ed Hall and Stewart Wieck.
Editor: Ed Hall.
Art Director: Richard Thomas.
Layout and Typesetting: Brian Glass.
Interior Art: Mitch Byrd, Joe Corroney, Tommy Lee Edwards, Steve Ellis, Richard Kane Ferguson, Chase Jones, Brian LeBlanc, Frank Malec, Steve Prescott and Ron Spencer.
Endpapers Design: Aaron Voss
Front and Back Cover Design: Brian Glass
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1999
Pages: 300
Year: 1999 (cWOD)
Publication #: WW8100
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-735-4
Price: $29.95

Hunter: The Reckoning is the first book in the Hunter: The Reckoning game line. It introduces the Imbued into the Classic World of Darkness.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Take Back the Night
For Centuries, supernatural powers have reigned, warring among themselves, culling the human herds and lashing out from the shadows. The creatures of the night have held court since before the dawn of history.
Nothing Lasts forever.
From the throng of humanity, individuals emerge who know the truth. They know monsters exist. Enough is enough. The forces of darkness must pay their due.
You are the reckoning!

Prologue: "Inherit the Earth"Edit

An introduction to, written by Witness1.


An introduction for new players and storytellers to Hunter: The Reckoning.

Chapter One: The Here and Now (The Hunter Condition)Edit

An Introduction fiction, covering the story of Carleton Van Wyk, the man who would eventually become Doctor119. The story also introduces Jared Shoemaker, Oaken Pankowski, Leaf Pankowski, Guadalupe Droin, and Scott Fairlane.

Chapter Two: A World of Darkness (Setting)Edit

A post on hunter-net dealing with the World of Darkness from a hunter's view, written by Dictatrix11 and the deceased Builder50.

Chapter Three: The Hunter's Creed (Character Types)Edit

A detailed look at the seven creeds, including the stereotypes each creed has of the others.

Chapter Four: I have Heard the Message (Creation & Traits)Edit

The rules for creating a new character as a hunter.

Chapter Five: The Hunter's Edge (Powers)Edit

A list of the Edges that hunters can use.

Chapter Six: Laws of the Hunt (Rules)Edit

The rules for running a Hunter: The Reckoning game.

Chapter Seven: Tools of the Hunt (Systems)Edit

The systems required for running a Hunter: The Reckoning game.

Chapter Eight: The Truth (Storytelling)Edit

A chapter for the Storyteller to learn how to run a game.

Chapter Nine: The Enemy (Antagonists)Edit

Rules for portraying the other creatures in the World of Darkness.


A list of information that doesn't fit in the rest of the book. Includes the Hunter Code, some information on what hunters should and should not have, and several hunter organizations.


With his requests to be removed from hunter-net ignored, Violin99 posts a scroll someone sent to him, with some information on what the hunters could be.

Background InformationEdit

This book was part of the Year of the Reckoning.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"For the Love of God, what are we?" - Violin99




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