Hunter: The Reckoning - Wayward is the second console game based on the World of Darkness game Hunter: The Reckoning. It was released in 2003 for PS2 on September 9.

Publisher's summary

Evil exist everywhere, but is unseen by most.

"As a Hunter, you have the special gift (or curse) to recognize or destroy the evil that has came back from the dead to plague the earth. A cult has formed in Ashcroft and is up to the team of Hunters to destroy it".


The story follows this six Imbued: Returning from the previous game are Father Esteban Cortez (a Judge), clubber Kassandra Cheyung (a Martyr), biker Spenser "Deuce" Wyatt (an Avenger), cop Samantha Alexander (a Defender). New to Wayward areJoshua Matthews and Devin Montgomery Lucien (both Waywards).


  • Just like for the previous game, the promo trailer for this new entry was also voiced by actor Tony Jay, recognized for providing voices in the Legacy of Kain game series, among his extensive collaborations.
  • While the manual says the game takes place two years after HTR: Hunter: The Reckoning (console game) , the character biographies are not updated: Spenser Wyatt, for example, is listed as 35 years old in both manuals, when Wayward should list him as 37. This Wiki will take the date at face value and assume it takes place in 2004, two years after the "present" of the original game.


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