Hunter: The Reckoning - Redeemer is the third console game based on the World of Darkness game Hunter: The Reckoning. It was released in 2003 for Xbox on October 28.

Publisher's summary

The hunt continues.

"Since her parents' murder ten years ago, Kayle Winter has trained hard to become a Hunter. Eager for justice, she is one of five Hunters to discover that the undead threaten the streets of Ashcroft once again".


The story follows this five Imbued - Kaylie Winter (a Redeemer), biker Spenser "Deuce" Wyatt (an Avenger), cop Samantha Alexander (a Defender), Father Esteban Cortez (a Judge) and clubber Kassandra Cheyung (a Martyr).

Background Information

  • One of the werewolves who attack Genefex has the symbol of the Uktena on an arm brace. This implies that Ashcroft is within their territory, placing it at least in the southern US. The environment surrounding Ashcroft suggests it's further north, however, more likely in Wendigo territory.
  • Genefex appears prominently, run by hunter Xavier Lucien. In the opening cinematic, Lucien refers to Genefex's "toy, electronic, and cosmetic divisions," while surrounded by crates bearing the logos for Avalon Incorporated, Tellus, Magadon, Incorporated, and King Breweries and Distillers. If Genefex isn't a Pentex subsidiary, it at least has close ties with it. More likely, though, High Voltage wanted to use Pentex but it wasn't part of their license, so they created Genefex instead.
  • The game states that it's been five years since the events of HTR: Hunter: The Reckoning - Wayward , but 10 years since HTR: Hunter: The Reckoning (console game) . Wayward, however, states that it had only been two year since the earlier game. This Wiki assumes that the "five years" between this game and the previous is an error and should be "seven years," since that assumption requires the fewest changes to text across the trilogy. Redeemer thus takes place in 2012.


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