FANDOM is a website for the Imbued. Accessible through the dummy front-end, hunter-net is a server protected by the Messengers and includes a mailing list and a chat program.


Before joining Hunter-Net the hunter had to find In some cases the Messengers themselves guided the hunter to the site, but mostly the hunter had to find it themselves. Traveller72 used his job as a crane parts salesman to travel the United States and tell other hunters about Hunter-Net.

Signing up for the site required a username, to which a unique number was appended. For example, the site's founder was Witness1.


Hunter-Net's security was managed by Witness1 and Dole7. Although the two were the top of their fields, they both knew that there were monsters with greater skill. To protect the lives of the hunters, Witness put a ban on all personal information. This proved wise as Hunter-Net has been invaded by monsters at least four times.

In addition to the Messengers protection both Dole7 and Witness1 constantly upgrade the security software in place. Dole7 even kicked users off Vigil if they didn't install the security software he sent them.


As time went on and the Imbued began to further isolate and identify with various creed philosophies, sub-lists were created:

Martyrs, Hermits, and Waywards appear not to have their own lists.

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In addition to the main-list and creed lists Hunter-net had several other sections:

  • An archive of the events that happened when hunter-net was breached for the second time. [1]
  • The Survival Guide.
  • A section that dealt with the Inquisition.
  • The Enemy, a section of information on the foes of the Imbued, compiled by Bookworm55.

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