Organization Name: The Hunt Club
Other names: The Great Game
Type: Second-tier Compact
Founder: Unknown
Founded: 1881
Endowment: None

The Hunt Club is a Compact of hunters found in Hunter: The Vigil. Rather than focus on the supernatural prey of the standard hunter, the Hunt Club focuses on hunting down and killing the most dangerous game of all - man.


The origins of the Hunt Club originate in the once illegal fox hunting activities of group of bored noblemen in 19th century England. Starting out hunting foxes, the club's members found that the rush of the hunt was dulled by the local area accepting the "illegal" activities. After several abortive attempts to regroup, including a failed trip to Africa, in 1881, only five members remained for the newest quarry; two drunks from London. Doing away with horses and dogs, the men simply ran through the woods with knives and bloodlust. Killing the two, the new Hunt Club was born. By 1903, the Club had spread through the entire English speaking world, including the US, India and Australia. The leadership got sloppy, however, and in 1904, many senior members were jailed for life in England, and other scattered. Reforming in other cities, the Club has gone through 80-odd years of refinement in their game, each city adopting their own rules and standards to put to the Great Game.


The only real purpose of the Club is to kill another human being. However, simply murder is not enough. To the hunt club, a single, well formed murder is of a far higher score than a dozen stabbings on the street. To club members themselves, many feel they do society a favor, killing those who have given their shot at life, and failed.


Though formed independent of one another, the Club's various houses and lodges have developed their own series of Rulebooks to govern the Great Game.

London Rules, the oldest for the Club, stick to the founding beliefs. They kill the homeless, the prostitutes, the drunks and addicts, those society will not miss or care for.

Boston Rules are compassionate in comparison. Victims are only those who have given up their chance at life, and many Club members find the Boston rules to their liking, letting them frame their actions as helpful to society.

Melbourne Rules are the basest idea of the hunt, the idea of a challenge. High ranking or public figures are usually targeted, making the club member a target of the local authorities and police. To subscribers of the Melbourne rules, the hunt is the greatest challenge they will ever face.


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