Humanity is the version of the Morality/Integrity trait used by both Kindred and Prometheans. It represents a character's internal moral compass.


This kind of morality differs from the regular morality of humans only in that it comes less naturally to these inhuman beings, and both vampires and Prometheans suffer in their interactions with mortals if their Humanity degenerates.

Humanity amongst KindredEdit

A Kindred's Humanity measures the strength and integrity of the remnant of the vampire's soul, the reasoning part, the only part which keeps The Beast from taking over and turning the Kindred forever into a draugr. (Kindred sometimes refer to this same concept as "The Man.") Kindred whose Humanity is decreasing face an increasing inability to interact socially with normal people, except through intimidation and Disciplines. Humanity also limits a Kindred's ability to function, even merely to remain awake, during the day, and helps determine the length of any torpor.

Humanity amongst PrometheansEdit

Having never been truly human, the Humanity of Prometheans is artificial in the sense that they must construct it themselves. The Created strive to develop their Humanity, as it is part of the teachings of the human-centered Refinements; a Promethean without much Humanity stands a poor chance of becoming Redeemed at the end of her Pilgrimage. Such monstrous Prometheans also find it difficult to resist Torment, and they stand a greater chance of botching the creation of another Promethean, bringing Pandorans into the world instead.


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