Hukros was a Gangrel methuselah that aided the development of the Path of Lilith over 1,200 years ago.


It was Hukros who developed the Path of Lilith 1,200 years ago in Africa. While exploring ruins and collecting artifacts of vampire lore, he encountered a cult of mortals who knew the secrets of the Kindred and guarded a collection of ancient writings known as the Cycle of Lilith.

Hukros and his minions attempted to steal the writings, but were defeated by the cult's demons. Hukros managed to escape and told others of his experiences. Soon, curious Kindred joined him and sought the writings in other places.

Followers of the Path of Lilith, known as Lilins, believe all supernatural beings (werewolves, mages, vampires, etc.) were born of Lilith. They believe Lilith was the first vampire, not Caine. The Lilins have their own secret libraries, said to contain ancient artifacts of vampire lore that link Lilith to the Kindred, including writings that claim during the time of the First City, Caine was Lilith's lover and king by her decree. Lilins also believe to fully explore all their vampiric Disciplines.

Other Kindred often think them fools. The debate between the followers of Lilith and the those that believe in Caine have grown so heated that neither side is willing to share their discoveries with the other, instead hoarding the information amongst themselves.

Background Information Edit

As a yellow-eyed Gangrel, an explorer, and Kindred historian, Hukros displays many conceptual similarities to Beckett. This may suggest that Hukros is Beckett's great-grandsire.



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