A Hue is one of the Laments from Orpheus. Hues are a special type of ghost that appear washed out and faded due to the drug pigment, which all hues have tried or became addicted to in life.

One of pigment's key ingredients is Spectral ichor, something that not only allows living users to project, but also causes an unusual effect when they die. First, a pigment user's soul is more likely to remain after death because of the multiple near death experiences they go through on the drug. Second, the ichor has a dark effect on the human soul, causing it to weaken and become somewhat unstable. Because of the ichor's presence, hues always feel insecure and morose. Many succumb to darkness and become Spectres fairly rapidly, but a few with strong wills remain as weak ghosts.

The Spectral ichor provides one benefit: hues can call on their Stains without gaining Spite. However, hues cannot store as much Vitality as regular ghosts; to them, the essence of life becomes extremely precious, and one that few wise hues are willing to waste on anything frivolous. This limited positive energy is another reason hues fall to their dark sides so frequently.

Even with their restricted existence, the hues that remain are some of the strongest-willed beings you will ever find. Hues generally remain calm in bad situations because they understand that things can always get worse, and that they must be prepared accordingly. Indeed, they have usually suffered so much that there is not much they find too horrific to deal with.

There is only one way to stop being a hue: become a Spectre, followed by re-emerging as an Orphan-Grinder. Orphan-Grinders have fought tooth and nail to become themselves again, giving them a more forceful presence in the afterlife, and taking away any limits they may have felt as a hue. Orphan-Grinders who are further redeemed into being regular spirits again remain as spirits, and never return to the hue state. However, this is an extremely rare occurrence, and many hues firmly believe that their limited existence is better than the torture the Spectres put them through. The few that have followed this path are inclined to agree.


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