In opposition to Wisdom, Mages are constantly endangered with falling to hubris, which in turn draws Paradox near and further poisons reality with its lies.

The greatest example of this are the Exarchs who stormed the Realms Supernal and cast out the original gods, believing only themselves to be fit to rule the Tapestry. But even now and then, mages struggle with their pride and fall to it on occasion. Some prideful mages believe that the Lex Magica is wrong to ban their specific avenue of exploration. It isn’t the specific crime that defines a mage as hubristic, but their attitude toward it — that every other willworker is wrong, or weak, to deny it to them. Other mages know full well that what they are doing is dangerous, even perhaps rightfully denounced, but are convinced by their own ego or sense of self-importance that they are strong enough to handle the danger.

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