Hsien-tsu are those Shinma who enter the body of a baby or young child during the Kun Shou.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Hsien Tsu.png

A Hsien who starts their incarnation as a child, anywhere from birth to 15 years of age, grows up with all the contacts and benefits of human society, though he or she will not realize they are Shinma until several years have gone by. They are usually precocious for their age and, for some reason, more Hirayanu than Kanuii are reborn this way. Parents can find raising such a child challenging. When they reach their middle teens, most leave home in search of other shinma or to join a Hui T'ung, a group similar to a Kithain Motley. They often have an older Hsien watching out for them or serving as a mentor and friend until this point. Even when they grow up, most Hsien-tsu tend to be more capricious, playful, and unpredictable than Hsien-jin.

Freebie Costs[edit | edit source]

Hsien-tsu characters pay normal freebie costs at character creation but make up for it in a lessened cost for Wu Tan, as their connection their spirit powers is stronger.

(NB: The freebie costs were reversed in the sourcebook and what follows is the actual, sense-making costs)

  • Abilities - 2
  • Attributes - 5
  • Backgrounds - 1
  • Yin or Yang Chi - 4
  • Merits - Varies
  • Willpower - 3
  • Wu Tan - 5

References[edit | edit source]

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