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Hsien-jin are those Shinma who enter an adult body during the Kun Shou.



A Hsien who inhabits the body of an Adult, anyone over the age of 15, is called a hsien-jin. They usually break off the human contacts of their new body immediately as they have their own agendas to worry about and don't need their parents or guardians as do the Hsien-tsu. They do this not only out of duty to the Shinma but also, in a way, as a kindness to the human family of their Hotei. They understand that mortals may not be able accept or understand the drastic personality changes in their relative saved from the brink of death. Kamuii, more than Hirayanu, tend to become Hsien-jin and as a rule the Hsien-jin are more serious, driven, and steadfast than Hsien-tsu.

Freebie Costs

To accommodate for the longer times the Hotei has had to learn skills, freebie point expenditures are different for Hsien-jin than for Hsien-tsu.

(NB: The freebie costs were reversed in the sourcebook and what follows is the actual, sense-making costs)

  • Abilities - 1
  • Attributes - 4
  • Backgrounds - 1
  • Yin or Yang Chi - 4
  • Merits - Varies
  • Willpower - 2
  • Wu Tan - 6


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