One particular sort of Bane, known as a Howling Insanity, specializes in possessing Garou. The Bane still doesn’t have a terribly high rate of success, but Pentex is busy working on a way to standardize the process and make it easier. The fomori created by Howling Insanities are known as Howling Shamblers, and they’re among the most wretched of the Wyrm’s conscripts. The sheer spiritual poison of the Bane bonded to the Garou’s soul rots the werewolf’s mind and body from the inside out. Derangements blossom soon after possession, even as regenerationresistant cancers unfurl inside the werewolf’s body. The need to howl becomes a compulsion, and the werewolf’s cry echoes with the voice of the Wyrm. Few Howling Shamblers manage to live more than six months, and there is only the beginning of the horror.


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