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Houses of the Fallen is supplement for Demon: The Fallen that details the history, traits, and importance of the Sebettu, or seven Houses of demons that formed after the fallen were thrown from Heaven.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Angels of Wrath
The seven ages of Creation spawned seven Celestial Houses of angels, each one created to govern its own facet of the cosmos. Fire and wind, the earth and the stars, the seas, the wilds, and even life itself was governed by a host of angels mandated by God. Although the fallen turned on Heaven and renounced their service to the Creator, the essence of who and what they are remains.
Orders of Damnation
Demon: Houses of the Fallen provides an in-depth look into each of the seven Houses of the infernal host, exploring their history and exploits during the Fall and the War of Wrath. Though twisted by the suffering of their long exile, the fallen still bear the spark of their former glory, and the ancient ties of House loyalties are not easily forgotten.


Chapter One: The House of the Morning Star

Chapter Two: The House of the Rising Wind

Chapter Three: The House of Fire and Stone

Chapter Four: The House of the Indigo Night

Chapter Five: The House of the Restless Deeps

Chapter Six: The House of Blood and Bone

Chapter Seven: The House of Falling Night

Chapter Eight: The Game of Houses

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