Houses of the Bull God is a supplement for Exalted First Edition, introducing the Southern nation of Harborhead.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
We Have Been Slaves too Long
Proud and skillful warriors, descended from a war-god by blood and marriage, the inhabitants of Harborhead have never been easy for the Realm to govern. These unExalted persist in slaveholding, and the Cult of Ahlat has prospered for centuries despite the stern warning of the Immaculates. Now, with the disappearance of the Empress, the people of Harborhead turn to conquest.
We Serve the Realm No Longer
Houses of the Bull God details Harborhead, a nation already straining against the Imperial tether when the Empress vanished. Now at the height of the Time of Tumult, the people of Ahlat will not be denied. Houses of the Bull God details the country, the Imperial Concession in Yane, the gods of the area, Ahlat and his Celestial retinue and the proscribed Court of the Orderly Flame.



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