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For the House of the Order of Hermes, see House Tremere

House of Tremere is a supplement for Vampire: The Dark Ages covering Ceoris, the headquarters of the Tremere clan and their continuing struggle against the Tzimisce and to be accepted by the Kindred.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Throw Open the Gates of Ceoris
High in the Transylvanian Alps sits Ceoris, the home of Tremere and his Usurpers. From its battlements they plot against magi and Cainites alike, send their Gargoyle slaves against the Tzimisce, and increase their power nightly. One of the most secret and protected places in the Cainite world, Ceoris shelters Tremere himself as well as the most powerful and ambitious of his clan.
And Tremble at the Secrets Revealed
House of Tremere is a complete handbook to Ceoris, the head chantry of House and Clan Tremere in Vampire: The Dark Ages. It includes a complete cast of characters and a detailed guide to this massive fortress on the front lines of the war with the Tzimisce. Learn the secret agenda behind the Usurpers plans, see the spawning pits of the twisted Gargoyles, and play your part in the fate of all Cainites.


Prelude: An Intruder's Progress

A tough spy searching for his friend in Ceoris is captured by the Tremere.

Introduction: A House in Spite of Itself

The basics of Ceoris, including its location, who lives there, and who was once allied with those within.

Chapter One: An Ancient Rot

From its consecrating ritual in 980, Ceoris has been a site of horror and depravity.

Chapter Two: A Faraway Citadel

Getting to Ceoris is not easy. Getting into Ceoris...pretty much impossible.

Chapter Three: A House Divided

The beings that dwell within Ceoris, including the Blood Masters, the True Apprentices, and the mortal mages.

Chapter Four: The Belly of the Beast

The grounds of Ceoris, the atmosphere, and the activities within.

Chapter Five: Those Damned and Soon To Be

Notes on the rivalries within Ceoris, and information on the Cainites, mages, mortals, and ghouls found within.

Chapter Six: Secrets of the Workshops

New Thaumaturgy rituals developed at Ceoris, as well as special humors that enhance the Gargoyles within. Also information on the Road of Service (Via Servilis), and the frightening new beings the Tremere have accidentally (or intentionally) created.

Chapter Seven: Shadows of Ceoris

The influence of Ceoris' work in other places around the world.

Background Information

This is the Vampire: The Dark Ages book for the Year of Revelations.

Memorable Quotes

"The end is not near...it's here."


  • Root of All - a spiritual being with a demonic nature reminiscent of Kupala
  • Stars Above - a spiritual being reminiscent of the murdered Saulot
  • Tremere - the clan founder, who found himself at Ceoris a number of times
  • Goratrix - the first Lord of Ceoris
  • Etrius - a childe of Tremere who serves as the current Lord of Ceoris
  • Dauud - a Setite sorcerer who worked with the clan
  • Jean Entende - an early initiate of Clan Tremere
  • Giacomo Giuccardini - Lasombra envoy to the Tremere


Chitterer, Hexaped, Iecur, Reaper (VTM), Simulacrum, Skin Eater, Velluma, Via Servilis

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