The House of Eclipse is a school of Setite theology mainly centered around Cairo. They are known for radical theories and their troves of ancient knowledge. Many Eclipsians are also critics of standard Theophidian dogma.

The main doctrine of the House of Eclipse is grounded in their disdain of sunlight. To truly conquer the Aeons, they claim, the Setites must find a way to kill Atum-Ra, the chief Aeon, who manifests as the sun. Eclipsian doctrine runs most strong in the Dream Court, the political institution of the Clan within Cairo, and many of its members have forsaken the adherence to the Path of Typhon for the Path of Pleasure. Some of their priests are also dedicated cultists of Apophis, the demonic serpent that threatened Ra every night. Eclipsians are known to work sometimes with members of the Lasombra Clan, being interested in the arts of Obtenebration and some are rumored to have connections (via the Scandinavian branch of the Clan) to the ancient Malkavian Louhi.

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