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House Xaos is one of youngest Houses within the Order of Hermes. Founded by remnants of House Thig, it is now part of House Ex Miscellanea.


House Xaos practices a form of Hermeticism that borrows heavily from neo-discordianism, an absurdist religion dedicated to the "worship" of Eris, the Greek goddess of strife and hostility. Members strive to improve the Hermetic paradigm to bring it into the new millenium, often by adopting multiple, seemingly contradicting magickal practices and styles into a rather informal hermetic system.


The history of House Xaos is a short one. Founded within Ex Miscellanea in 2001, most of its members were a part of the former House Thig that refused Osei's Gambit of joining with House Verditius, seeing it as a sell-out of their non-conformistic spirit. While their reputation within the Order is that of a joke. Nevertheless, they wield more and more influence within Ex Miscellanea through sheer power and chaotic charm of personality.


House Xaos is organized as a cult of personality around their Primus Kallisti, considered by many to be a former disciple of Sharad Osei. Many believe that Kallisti is directly possessed by her Avatar, blurring the line between flesh and spirit and drawing her closer to Ascension.

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