Glyph of House Wyrmfoe.

House Wyrmfoe is a Silver Fang house of the American Northeast. It is the youngest of the Silver Fangs houses, recognized in Europe about a century before Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas.


House Wyrmfoe is known for its mavericks, its bold and individualistic kings. They do not rely on tradition so much as on their own instinct and wits. The house arose in Holland, France, and Spain in the mid-1300s, but spread to England to claim territory lost by other houses. Of course this house was only young in so far as it came to be recognized as a single bloodline capable of rule, late in werewolf history. Before then, Wyrmfoe Garou existed, but they were assumed to be part of other bloodlines.

They gained notoriety during the 1200s because of their efforts to save many Garou Kinfolk (of a variety of tribes, not only those of the Silver Fangs) from the Inquisition. The Defiler Wyrm was on the rise, although none knew it even existed then (believing it was the Eater-of-Souls at work). Regardless, where other houses failed to root out the evil, the tireless packs of Wyrmfoe sought it wherever it crept or hid and gave their own lives to destroy it.

Since Wyrmfoe were hailed as heroes by the common tribes, the houses Gleaming Eye and Austere Howl had little choice but to recognize their claim to power - but they greatly feared the amazing influence these “upstart” Garou had among the other tribes, so much that they openly refused to allow them into their territories, for fear that they would find some way to claim them.

Luckily for them, the New World beckoned, and with it, legends of powerful Wyrm creatures allowed to grow large in a land without Silver Fangs to hunt them. Shortly after the discovery of the New World, House Wyrmfoe left Europe en masse. However, despite their early triumphs in those lands, in time, they had suffered Harano more severely than any other house - and the effects worsened during the 20th century and the World Wars (as the behavior of King Jacob Morningkill can attest).

After King Jacob's death (and a fierce succession struggle), the ruler of the Wyrmfoe became Jonas Albrecht, who had recently acquired the fabled fetish known as the Silver Crown. In the possession of the revered item, he reached for other tribes and eventually was recognized as the King of the entire Garou Nation.


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