House Warmings are a traditional household celebration of the Boggans.



The christening of a new house as a home is a very meaningful, almost spiritual, event for boggans. It is super special extra meaningful if that house is also a freehold, of course, but even if they’re just breaking in a regular old apartment, they like to make a party of it. A house-warming with boggans is very similar to a normal housewarming party: they gather in the new place to eat food and compliment the decor. The important distinction is that guests never bring gifts. Instead the invited fae leave a mote of Glamour in the hearth, or in most modern residences the heating system.

Performed properly, for the next year the Glamour will warm the house with no need for a fire or furnace. In old times, this tradition would see a new household through even the harshest winter, giving the family a chance to get their legs under them. Nowadays, it saves an entire year off your heating bill. Maybe not quite so critical, but still a nice perk.


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