House Tharsis was a collective of storm-wizards who had a deep connection with the sea. They are occasionally referred to as "buccaneers." They, along with House Janissary and House Validas, arose during the "golden age of kings," and thus were sort of raised as archetypal examples of the Order of Hermes, the Tradition's "golden boys."

Paradigm Edit

The Tharsis were storm-wizards, based around water, weather, and sea-travel. They had some sort of connection with the sea. It's likely they often took to the sea as sailors (or pirates), using their mastery of Forces magic to their advantage.

History Edit

Renaissance Edit

  • 1522
    • House Tharsis founded.

Victorian Age Edit

  • 1897
    • House Tharsis is accused of diabolism. It's unknown whether the cause was curiosity, boredom, disillusionment or corruption. Too small for a Wizards' March, Tharsis is renounced, attacked, and expelled from Hermetic dominions. When they fall, it seems almost as a death knell for the Order as a whole.

References Edit

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