A primarily female House of the Order of Hermes, this House is actually one of the oldest Hermetic traditions, with roots traceable back to Egypt.

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The House embraces the early Egyptian trappings of the Order, and promote base linguistics as a key to understanding thought, perception, and thus the universe. The Sheshati indulge in education, learning and eventually wisdom.

Though the rest of the Order often dismisses them as simple scribes, they diligently maintain archives and records, doubtless keeping many secrets others Houses would love to know... or see destroyed.

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  • 1982: House Shaea Ex Miscellanea decides to break away from the Order of Hermes. Other Hermetics realize how much they've come to depend on the Shaea, and offer them full House status. The Shaea accept, to the consternation of other members of Ex Miscellanea.[1]

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Mage: The Ascension and Ars Magica Houses of Hermes
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