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House Ngoma is a part of the Ngoma Craft that has chosen to ally itself with the Council of Nine Mystick Traditions.


House Ngoma practices what they have always practiced. Masters of African high ritual magic, they have incorporated their way within the Hermetic systems with relative ease. Their magic had always been closer than to the magick that was traditionally regarded as "african" and had it not been for prejudices and stubbornness during the Grand Convocation, it is likely that House Ngoma would have been founded a lot earlier.


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Dating back to the cities of Great Zimbabwe, the Ngoma were invited to the Grand Convocation, but chose to not join, since they refused to be dumped into the "Dreamspeaker" Tradition. They remained independent for several hundred years, their numbers declining.

Modern Nights

When the Avatar Storm began, most mages panicked, believing that a Reckoning was at hand. Parts of the Ngoma chose to reestablish contact with the crippled Council of Nine and again asked for admission. This time, the Order of Hermes, weakened from the Conflagration and the Second Massasa War, accepted. In 2001, House Ngoma was founded in Ex Miscellanea due to the sponsoring of House Shaea. House Ngoma is the second largest House within House Ex Miscellanea, and has the ambition to become a Great House in the next years, with their end goal becoming a full-fledged Tradition by themselves.

Other members of the Craft refused to join, instead remaining unaffiliated. These Ngoma became later a part of the Disparate Alliance. The relation between the Disparate Ngoma and the Hermetic Ngoma is not known, but it does not seem to be open hostility like in the case of House Solificati and the Children of Knowledge.


House Ngoma has preserved much of its previous organization, although at a smaller scale.

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