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House Hong Lei (the House of Crimson Thunder) is a minor House within the Order of Hermes that is comprised out of expatriates of the Wu Lung.


House Hong Lei still practices the art of the Wu Lung practice. This includes feng shui, numerology, alchemy, the Five Elements, ancestor worship, reverence of various dragons, gods and spirits, as well as potent martial arts.


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House Hong Lei originates in the teachings of the dragon wizards of China, the Wu Lung. During the Grand Convocation, the Wu Lung were offended that their rivals, the Akashic Brotherhood, had been invited before them. For this reason, they originally allied with the Order of Reason, until the Technocratic Union put its weight behind the colonial exploitation of the Far East.

Modern Nights

In 1992, eight dragon wizards came to petition the Order of Hermes to form their own House within their ranks. They were admitted and became a part of House Ex Miscellanea. While originally one of the smallest Houses, their ranks grew when many Wu Lung refused to follow the alliance between their Craft and the Akashic Brotherhood in 2000. House Hong Lei is currently present in Sydney, London, San Francisco and New York City, recruiting from the various Asian immigrant families located there.



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