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House Golo were the precursors of the Sons of Ether within the Order of Hermes. Although their history within the order spans barely seventeen years, their contributions were judged as vital nonetheless.


After the (re)discovery of the Kitab al Alacir, Lorenzo Golo is inspired to create this house to promote magical science. Unlike the arts of his parent House, House Verditius, Golo worked to incorporate the elements he had learned from the Kitab Al-Alacir into its framework, which focused on the control of the Ether as the fifth element. As they only had an arabic version, the work was mistranslated to be written by the philosopher Parmenides, instead of Aretus.

In contrast to the later Sons of Ether, House Golo exemplified the energetic aspect of the Ether, which would later be codified as the Sphere of Forces.


Lorenzo Golo founded House Golo within House Ex Miscellanea, based on the precepts of the Kitab al Alacir, the Book of Ether, after he rediscovered the book in 1171 in Moorish Spain. After criticism from within his own House, Golo decided to declare his followers independent from Verditius by the next Tribunal. Lorenzo Golo and the bulk of his followers relocated to Italy, where they studied the book within the seaside cities of Venice and Florence.

In 1188, Lorenzo Golo met the Gabrielite Simon de Laurent, who had been parts of the Crusades and discovered a complete Greek translation of the Kitab Al Alacir. The two translations were similar, but very different in certain areas. While the arabic translation of House Golo leaned more on the mystical aspects of the Ether, the greek translation of de Laurent had a stronger focus on the natural philosophy contained in Aretus' teachings. Golo and de Laurent met in Paris, realizing after long discussions that they possessed the same book, albeit differently translated. House Golo collapsed in the aftermath. Members dispersed into House Bonisagus, House Verditius, and some into the Order of Reason. Later, Golo and de Laurent founded the Natural Philosopher's Guild.


Little to nothing is known about Golo's internal structure, given the short existence of the House.

Background Information

Assuming, as we do on this Wiki, that Ars Magica editions 1-3 are effectively the history of Mage: The Ascension, House Golo bears a unique place: most Houses added in Mage: The Ascension appear after the setting of Ars Magica's 1197-1220. House Golo is the only new House whose appearance in the Order predates the "present" of Ars Magica.


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