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One of twelve founding Houses of the Order of Hermes.


Celtic wizards descended from Druidic traditions, their magic was nature-oriented. Due to their secretive nature, the Order of Hermes are unsure exactly what they may have been capable of doing, which is the source of many nightmares for the older magi who remember them and fear their return.


Early History

In search of new ways to perform magic, Bonisagus spoke with the druid Díedne, who taught him new ways for magi to cast small, fast spells.

Dark Ages

  • 767
    • Díedne and her sect joined the Order of Hermes as one of its founding Houses, but they never fully participated. Despite this, they were paradoxically the first true House at the founding of the Order, since all of the other Founders present were only just starting their own Houses.

The execution of the Primus of House Tytalus for diabolism caused renewed paranoia among the Order, and Díedne were a prime target: the House remained distant and secretive, so became the center of suspicion. When Quaesitors began investigating all the Houses for diabolism, Díedne objected, claiming the right to privacy.

  • 1003
    • Tremere, seeking to distract the rest of the Order from his House's own investigations into vampirism, accuses Díedne of diabolism. House Quaesitor backs the side it thinks will win, and declare all of Díedne Renounced.

The most powerful Díedne escaped the purge and were never seen again. Legend had it they escaped to Faerieland: if so, because of the way time flows differently, they could emerge at any time with battle and vengeance fresh in their minds.



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