House Crescent Moon is a Silver Fang house, the oldest and most prestigious house, located in Russia.


In ancient times, House Crescent was the deciding voice in both the Impergium and the Concord, and led the War of Rage. It is said that their glory soared however, because of their excesses during a rivalry they had with House Golden Sky who use to lead all the Silver Fangs.

Despite this, there's no question that this house is one of the Wyrm's fiercest enemies. They claim heroes like Aleking Axeclaw, Queen Viladus, Sophia and Yuri Tvarivich among their ranks, and boast about great victories, such as when they imprisoned Koshchei, the Wyrm Talon, or when they led the attack that slew Sharkala the Cruel. Yet, with each victory the Wyrm always came back stronger and House Crescent was almost wiped out during World War I.

In modern times, House Crescent rules over a land infested with the Wyrm. Cainites plagued the lands and went as far as to lift a Shadow Curtain in the region, taking away the House protagonism among the Silver Fangs for the first time in a long time. After the Curtain fell, however, House Crescent was once back in the game under the competent leadership of Queen Tamara Tvarivich

Preferring to refer to themselves as a clan rather than a House, Crescent Moon relies on codes set by their history and ancient tradition more than most do, which has led to both their downfall and their rebirth.


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