The Hounds of Actaeon are a Gangrel bloodline who enjoy hunting humans and consider it a sacred act.

The bloodline believes they are descended from the hounds who killed the mythical Actaeon, though in their version Actaeon was not turned into a stag; rather, his companions were turned into Kindred and ripped him apart in a frenzy. This has given them a somewhat undeserved reputation as brutal, animalistic predators.

In reality, the Hounds hunt humans the way a human hunter might hunt deer. Some use spears, others might use a rifle or a modern compound bow. They don't merely feed on the blood of their prey, but attempt to use the entire corpse, making soap, leather and jewelry from the bloodless remains. This grisly pragmatism is often disturbing to others, but to the Hounds, they are engaged in an ancient, sacred tradition passed down to them by the Goddess of the Hunt.

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