Horst de Novara was a 9th generation Ventrue, who acted as a merchant knight during the Dark Ages.


Lord Horst de Novara was born as the fourth son of a minor nobleman, and he always had with a keen sense for trade. On the urgings of his father, he followed the call of the Crusades and went on to fight infidels. His company, however, was led astray and ended up in Prague, where Horst chose to stay.

There he met his future sire, Rudolf Brandl, who was interested in his views of the duties of nobility and how they would change in the coming years. Brandl embraced him, but the two didn't know what to make of each other.

Horst finally left Prague and ventured into the world, following the Road of Heaven after a fashion, and didn't find a place for himself in hundred years. When he crossed ways with Hardestadt, the elder immediately Blood Bonded him, as he couldn't stand the sight of a straying Ventrue without a purpose and sent him off to secure the Prussian trade routes for the clan.

Confronted with pagans that had more faith in their idols than he in his saviour, Horst tried to do his new job as best as he could, but degraded further and further into the claws of the Beast as his Road wasn't able to show him a way to deal with the heathens.

Character SheetEdit

Lord Horst de Novara, the Merchant Crusader
Sire: Rudolf Brandl
Nature: Defender
Demeanor: Judge
Generation: 9th
Embrace: 1098
Apparent Age: Late 20′s
Morality: Road of Heaven


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