Horrors are the abilities that characters in Orpheus can use when they are in ghost form.


These abilities are reflections of one of the eight Shades a character can possess, and are remarkably flexible in how they can be used. Horrors can be powered by Vitality or Spite, though choosing the latter may not create the desired effect for the ghost. Horrors can also be "given" to other ghosts or projectors to aid them in the use of their own Horrors; these are known as Benefits. In addition, projectors and ghosts with the same Shade may also combine their Second-Tier Horrors to create an entirely different effect from the original. These are called Crucible Horrors.

Horrors also have their limitations. For each Shade, there is a set of Horrors from another Shade that do not combine well with their abilities and personality, and therefore they are unable to use. These are called banned Horrors. In addition, Fourth-Tier Horrors may only be used by that Shade; a Haunter may freely use Hell on Wheels, for example, but may never learn Consume, Rend and Rake, or the Fourth-Tier Horror of any other Shade.

Orphan-Grinder Horrors are noticeably different from the other seven in that they can only be used by Spirits, have no benefits, cannot be powered by spite, and have no restrictions in working with other Shades.